Fall 2014: Can't come any sooner!

 Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but Fall is letting us know the holidays are just around the corner and degrees will drop to at least 80°. In Houston, that is heaven compared to summer temperatures.

So to get inspired I searched for some Fall decor at Houzz and Pinterest.

What a driveway! Love how all these ideas are easy enough to incorporate at home.


Around the Web Wednesday: August 20

Parents and little brother back in November 2008
  Did you take a look at the baby face above? God, time flies!!! Today I am Florida bound. For some much needed time with the family and visiting/attending a very special friend's baby shower. But before I leave I would like to leave you what's around the web this week:

+++Thanks to the Handmade Home, I found Iron and Twine. The cutest blog I've seen. She's expecting twins and her website has great insights on baby stuff and pregnancy. Love her pics and recipes look amazing. Can't stop browsing through it!

++ Are you still uncertain about college? Here is Hello October on her take about attending University.

+I loooove The Kitchen, from the Food network channel. I watched Marcela do a Strawberry Puff Pastry Braid, it looked easy and delicious. Can't wait to make it when I come back from visiting La Familia!

 On another note as much as I love Summer, I really can't wait for Fall to start. It's my favorite season. The weather changes along with the color on the leaves and so I feel like its a very nostalgic season. But overall I am just happy the weather goes back to 80 degrees, as opposed to the 100's we get in Houston.

 What are you up to these final days of summer?



Dare Alla Luce: To Give To the Light

sunflower sunset alberta bowden landscape photography
 Picture via Miks Media Photography

One of my favorite movie scenes is from Under the Tuscan Sun. It's when Patti gives birth and Frances takes the baby near the window offering her to the sun and tells Patti that "In Italian, the literal translation of "to give birth" — "dare alla luce" — is: "to give to the light".

We also have that phrase in Spanish. Dar a Luz. I've been blessed to have been in three births. Last one, a week ago, on Monday. It was not on my agenda, At All. But I was taken by surprise when indirectly told by a nurse, how much it helped if I stayed to help translate. The first two times I was able to experience such a miracle was with Mr.C's sister in law, with her two baby girls. This time around it was a friend of the family. But the feeling from being able to participate in the delivery room is just sublime and overwhelming.

Why overwhelming. Well, try translating from English to Spanish while someone has been in excruciating pain for six hours. There's a time when you confuse both languages! However, when the baby is finally born, you understand the miracle of life. The nurses show the placenta and how it represents the tree of life. If blood and organs don't scare you, please google it. You just realize how perfect we are and how a miracle is made and born.

About a year and a half ago, Mr.C and I started planning for our own little miracle. We have yet not been blessed, some days its hard because you don't know if it will ever happen. But it gets easier when you just leave it in God's hands to do what he knows is best. We are about to start fertility tests, which I am looking and not looking forward to. But they have to be done, we just turned 30 and we need to make a choice for the future. We have hope, but for now we are just trying to enjoy life and our company. I have been told and seen how life changes once God grants you the gift of parenthood.

Hoping everyone's prayers are answered.


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