Around the Web Wednesday // What Im Loving and What Im Ready to Forget!


> Pioneer Women's crushed hot potatoes! Mr.C LOVED them, only change I made was the rosemary for chives and finely minced garlic.

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>> Recently found HELLO OCTOBER on the web. She's from England and makes great reviews on beauty products and clothing. 

>>> Last and not least, Dermalogica skin care products. I'm currently using their Daily Skin Health line. Its for normal to dry skin I believe. It leaves my skin soft and glowing.

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< Dry patches on my skin. My skin was feeling very dry and had really small dry patches. The weather was not helping at all.

<< Eating out. There's a point when you feel so unhealthy eating out. And I just reached it. Too much salt! 

<<< I'm READY to see Venezuela reach their main goal, so they can FORGET about the current dictatorship they're under and have a fresh start after 11+ years. Please keep them in your prayers. You can also support via SOS Venezuela.

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Weekend Digest // Praying for Venezuela

1. Venezuela has been protesting against their current government for the past 12 days and they have lost innocent lives in their fight for freedom. Please have them in your prayers.

2. Last Thursday I attended a network event with our friend and accountant Sandra at The Paint Pub in Houston. This was my first time and I enjoyed it so much I was not ready to leave when the event ended. 

3. I felt old when I told my 18 year old cousin I watched Robocop with Mr.C and she said "Robo...WHO?" ummm... how do you not know? Ha! Other than that, the movie was great. 

4. Got my first facial at Massage Heights in League City. Great place and loved how my skin turned out, so nice and soft. They took great care of my skin and I am now starting a new skin care regimen with Dermalogica. I might do a review about it in a month to see how my skin is doing.

Hope your week is off to a great start. Please keep Venezuela in your prayers.

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Beach Apartment // Part 3: Construction Process

We got together one HOT summer afternoon (adding interest to the story) to talk about the floor plan of the space and how we were going to divide it. We brainstormed and came up with the design below. Once our ideas were passed on to the engineer and final floor plans were given to the city for final inspections...

...the Construction Process to our beach getaway began!

It was a very slow process, we worked with no bank loans and it was all out of pocket. Well not completely out of pocket. We ARE in the construction industry after all. So we bartered many jobs with other contractors. If the plumber needed electrical in his house guess who offered to do the job, as long as they returned the favor once we had the building ready for plumbing :) It almost took one year to build it, but at the end it was all worth it.


Once we reached the construction process were we could walk in the enclosed building like the picture above, it was very emotional. Its when you start seeing your design coming to life. However, it's when you're most anxious to see it finished and start decorating!


Below, the downstairs area is being filled with concrete, which is also divided in four sections. Each office space has its own storage as well as the apartment.

My favorite image is the one below. The guys (three brothers) signature with their hard working hands. They were so thrilled seeing their hard work giving fruits.

Our almost finished building, on the picture above. Now, you may wonder, why did they choose yellow? Weeelll, the beach is known for the bright colors homeowners use on their houses. I must say, people love their purples and greens. But we chose yellow because at the beach we are known for our little panther. 

But once we were inside, we pretty much toned down the colors and went for soft gray, white, blue and coral hues. Our choice for flooring was very decisive because at the beach you have extreme weather conditions, its either too cold or too hot. If we chose wood and it was not installed correctly, once it expanded and contracted it could have been disaster. 

Wood is also very hard to take care off. We needed flooring that would resist toddlers and adults coming from the beach wet and leaving sand all over the place. We also loved dark wood, but with sand and dust it would never look the way it was meant to be seen, as dark wood. Sooo...our choice was TILE that looked like wood in a white wash finish and was easy to clean up.

The brothers love grays. So it seemed like the perfect idea to use the kitchen backslash as the color denominator. The back splash like you can see below has all the tones of gray and blues. We picked wall and cabinet colors based on it. But I think that overall our favorite part of the whole apartment is the quartz counter top we chose for the kitchen.

Done with Part 3. Next is our final part and the one I'm most exited over! The decor... see you then.


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Enjoy Part 1 & Part 2 of the the Beach Apartment series.

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