This Week's Nail Color 44/52

Let me start this series with a Fall color. OPI's Cute Little Vixen, which you can find at Amazon or eBay. This color is amazing, and trust me when I tell you everyone will ask what the brand and name is.

What I love about it is that its not "glitterfied", but it sparkes and so it can definitely be used for morning errands or the night gatherings! Another plus, I believe its one of those colors that matches any skin color... Just love!



Halloween: Frida for a Day

When life gives you the opportunity to become or imitate a person for one day, who would you pick?

Hard choices I tell you. This year's Halloween theme was a famous personality. Most of our friends don't know many American pop-culture personalities, so when the theme of the party was given I decided I wanted someone out of the ordinary, special to either culture. So I picked someone who is important to Mexican culture, as well as to the Art History of the world, Frida Kahlo.


October on the Web: Everything Autumn & Halloween

October is the beginning of so many good things. Its usually the month we start getting the best weather in the world.  The smell of cinnamon just takes over at our local markets and lattes now come pumpkin flavored. 

On the web, creativity is just pouring out of bloggers pores for the season holidays and Halloween. What can I say, these are just a few things on the never ending list I have on why its my favorite time of year.

If you are still not feeling it, or you are feeling but would love to see what other bloggers are doing this month. I found a couple of things you might like and be inspired.

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