October on the Web: Everything Autumn & Halloween

October is the beginning of so many good things. Its usually the month we start getting the best weather in the world.  The smell of cinnamon just takes over at our local markets and lattes now come pumpkin flavored. 

On the web, creativity is just pouring out of bloggers pores for the season holidays and Halloween. What can I say, these are just a few things on the never ending list I have on why its my favorite time of year.

If you are still not feeling it, or you are feeling but would love to see what other bloggers are doing this month. I found a couple of things you might like and be inspired.

Orange and White Centerpieces || Midwest living


What Happens and What Happened in OCTOBER!

What Happened:

The five-day work week was officially approved by the American Federation of Labor, 1933
I'm not sure how I feel about this one!

Oct. 3 President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day, 1863

The "End" of the Berlin Wall occurred, 1990
Go Freedom... Definitely something to be thankful for, ALWAYS!

"I Love Lucy" premiered on television. 1951
She's definitely a favorite.


A Penny For Your Thoughts: a vintage DIY chalkboard

I have wanted a black chalkboard for my house since, well, "forever". A chalkboard brings sweet memories. See, my grandfather was a teacher and he had one in his backyard patio to tutor those big and small things we would not understand or had questions about. 

I visited a local vintage store and fell in love with the frame above. It was my style, simple with a touch of something special.

So how did I make this DIY happen?