Front Door Covered with IKEA's Track System and Panels

Lately my front door was driving me crazy. All the glass on the door and the wall was giving us zero privacy. On top of that, around five in the afternoon the sun was on our face if we were watching TV.


For about a year, I didn't know what to do with the door and even thought about changing the door. 
I saw a couple of ideas online but I didn't like any out there. Most of the ideas were front doors covered with curtains, which I feel don't go well with our house. I think using curtains to cover front doors either give a house a very elegant look or country look, and none are my style.

On a trip to IKEA I spotted their track system and thought it would be a great substitute for curtains. The look is sleek, clean and easy to move because of the track. 


"One Last Auturmn Squash Recipe"

Are you done with Fall recipes yet? or can you handle one more?

Today's recipe is not mine, this is more like a review of one I made from the Food Network channel. I was watching The Kitchen with Mr.C and he was just humming in approval through out the whole episode and especially when Sunny made her Italian Sausage-Stuffed Acorn Squash.

So I decided to surprise him by making it for him and he loved it. Guys, this is just an easy and very flavorful dish. The recipe had me at squash, anything squash I love... but add to the mix, Italian sausage and cheese... heaven!

Besides flavor, its a very easy and fast recipe to make. I got home after work and was done within the hour. I made minor changes due to lack of certain ingredients at home. But even then, I have to say this recipe is very versatile.

So, if you still want some autumn flavors and amazing pumpkin spice aroma in your home. Give it a try!

Enjoy UNO readers!


Man Cave Update: Workspace IKEA Pendant Lights

Mr. C's Man Cave has been up for an update for a very long time. So here is a project we enjoyed very much.
On a visit to IKEA we came across these camping lanterns, but they only hold candles. C loves the outdoors, so you know it was love at first sight. But the only colors they had in the store were white and lime green. Needless to say, after painting this babies red, on an American holiday weekend about a month afterwards, we went back and yes, they had red ones. But we didn't feel so bad since we matched the color to other items that had been sprayed painted red in the room.

We loved the final outcome. But now I wonder, is this an Ikea hack? If it is, it's my first one! 

Here is what we did...